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Man Calmly Walks Through Airport Security Completely Naked

A male traveler was asked to remove his belt at security. In response, the man removed all articles of clothing, except for his socks, and calmly walked through the metal detector, completely naked.

Security cameras caught the entire incident. The footage shows the man first taking off his shoes. He then removes his belt, his pants, then his shirt, and lastly his watch, according to My FOX NY. The man then walks through the metal detector while airport security guards patiently keep their eyes on him.

Once on the other side of the metal detector, the man is seen grabbing his pile of clothes and wandering off. He does manage to place his watch back on his wrist. It is reported that St Petersburg police are investigating the incident.

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This incident, which took place at at Pulkovo Airport, in St Petersburg, Russia, is not the first time a traveler has ended up naked at an airport. In 2012, an Oregon man refused to go through the Portland International Airport’s body scanners. John E. Brennan, 49, felt he was being harassed by the TSA, and decided to protest by stripping off all his clothes and attempting to pass by security completely naked, the Huffington Post reports. Brennan was arrested and booked in the Multnomah County Jail.

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Also in 2012, a female traveler at Denver International Airport, lit a cigarette in a non-smoking section of the airport and began to smoke. When airport staffers demanded she put the cigarette out, the woman responded by removing all her clothes, according to FOX 31 Denver. After about 20 minutes of standing around naked, the female traveler was transported to a hospital.

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In 2014, a Boston man was arrested after he climbed into the ceiling of a woman's bathroom, fell onto the floor, and then attacked an elderly man at Logan Airport. Cameron Shenk, 26, removed all his clothing and was entirely naked when he climbed into the ceiling, CBS News reports. After falling to the ground, Shenk was seen running from the bathroom, naked and bleeding. During the incident, Shenk allegedly assaulted an 84-year-old man, who was transported to the hospital with injuries.

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Photo: Wikimedia


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