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Watch: Man Gets Disappointing Surprise After Buying Gummy Candies At Walmart (Video)

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A man posted video of the moment he discovered that a bag of fruit gummies he purchased from Walmart only contained one piece of candy.

In the video (below) the man is seen cutting open a package of Walmart Fruit Smiles gummy candies. He quickly takes out one of the candies and places it on the table, then opens the package to show that there is only one candy in total inside.

“It's good to see Walmart is finally doing something about the obesity epidemic,” Redditor PhillipCarey quipped in response to the video.

“That was a 100 calorie pack,” Coveredyou replied.

“Was it supposed to be like that?” another Redditor, ChrisInsanity, asked.

“No, and I'm going to make Wal-Mart pay what they owe!” the original poster, S4ngin, wrote in response. “I’m pretty sure they made the weight up in other bags, just found it funny.”

Watch the video below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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