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Watch: Man Buys All The Of Woman's Roses On Train, Asks Her To Give Them Out To Passengers (Video)

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After two years, video (shown below) of a man buying 140 roses from a woman who was selling them on a New York City subway – and then instructing her to give them away to passengers – finally went viral.

In the video, the woman is seen informing the generous man that her roses were a dollar each. At some point prior to when the video began, the man was told that she had approximately 140 roses for sale.

“It’d be $140 for everything?” the man asks in the video. He then pulls out his wallet and takes out the exact amount in cash.

“Are you serious?” the shocked woman asks.

“Yeah but you’ve got to do me a favor,” he replies. “You’ve got to give them out. Don’t sell any of them, give them all away.”

The overwhelmed flower salesman was so taken aback that she began to cry.

“Don’t be like that! It’s a happy thing. Now you just give them out. Promise me you’ll give them out?” the man says in response.

The woman agrees to the deal, and the man leaves the subway. Overwhelmed by the incredible gesture, the woman begins sobbing almost uncontrollably.

“Free roses!” she shouts through her tears.

“As I started watching this, from the tone of the guy's voice discussing price, I really thought he was going to pull some dick move and someone would have to intervene (the intervention being the "moment of kindness”). I was very pleasantly surprised,” Redditor Pfelon said in response to the man’s gesture.

“I'd like to think he's a mafiosi with a good heart,” DB6 added.

“A genuine and humble reaction to a generous act. That was really beautiful, and to see the idea settling with her after as she tried to shout ‘Free roses’,” GameStunts said. “That guy just made her day. She got the full value of the roses, and she'll be able to give them out for free faster than she could sell them, overall that's going to be a great day for her, and what a feeling to be able to hand them out.”

Check out the incredible act of kindness below.

Sources: Reddit, Mashable

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