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Man Brings Target Customers, Clerk To Tears With Heartwarming Act Of Kindness


A Target patron's incredible act of kindness for a fellow customer has gone viral.

On Dec. 1, a man going through the checkout at a Target store in Albuquerque, New Mexico, paid for his purchase of warm clothing with a $5 gift card that he believed was $50, KRQE reported.

The man was embarrassed to discover that he did not have enough money on the card to cover his purchase. He apologized and asked the clerk to return the items he couldn't afford.

The man explained that he had been robbed recently and was having a rough time, and he added that he was just looking to buy warm clothes.

That's when Levi Carrejo, another man waiting in the checkout line behind him, decided to step in.

Carrejo said he offered to pay for all of the man's items, telling him that he needed to be warm.

"At first he was like oh I don't want you to do that and you know, I just made the comment, well it's not a choice, I'm going to do it," Carrejo told KRQE.

The customer reportedly hugged and thanked him.

"The cashier started crying, everyone was getting emotional and you know, it's just everyday life for me," Carrejo said. "I'm like let's just get our stuff and go."

Meredith and Fox, a local A.M. radio show in Albuquerque, took a picture of the heartwarming moment and posted it to Facebook.

The Dec. 1 post garnered more than 18,000 likes, 3,000 shares, and 580 comments in three days.

Posters writing in the comments section said the story touched them and praised Carrejo for his generosity.

"That made me cry," one commenter wrote. "Beautiful. I am so moved."

"How easy it is to set the world right," another user posted. "I have had things like this happen to me when I was at my lowest and I have done this for others."

Another poster wrote that he was Carrejo's cousin, and that Carrejo has "a huge heart."

Also in the comments section, the radio show that posted the picture explained that it chose to share the man's story on social media because he "deserves recognition for doing something a lot of people hesitate to do."

Carrejo told KRQE that he has been receiving a lot of attention since the moment went viral.

"My phone of course hasn't quit ringing," he said.

Sources: KRQE, Meredith and Fox/Facebook / Photo Credit: Meredith and Fox/Facebook

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