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Watch: Man Learns A Lesson After Parking In Handicap Spot (Video)

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A man in Brazil was publicly shamed for parking in a handicap spot after his car was covered in blue wrap.

In a video of the incident (below), the driver is seen at a car that is covered in blue wrapping with a handicap symbol in white. He attempts to get in the car and drive away, before realizing that his windows are completely covered. He gets out and angrily attempts to tear the wrapping off. 

The driver continues to tear the wrapping off as a large crowd stands around and laughs. Humiliated, the man finally gets back in his car and drives away while those around him cheer.

Viewers on Reddit questioned how often something like this happens in Brazil considering the preparedness of the person who covered the driver’s car.

“Who leaves the house this prepared for such an eventuality?” Redditor Dyanceyfunnie wrote.

“It happens so often in Brazil that this has become a form of protest. People head out with the intention of finding people who park in the handicap spot without the permit,” another Redditor, Antholagnia, replied.

Watch the video below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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