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Man Pulls Epic Prank On Girlfriend's Grandmother, 'Blows Up' Her Car (Video)

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A man blew up his girlfriend's grandmother’s beloved car as part of a YouTube prank, but that wasn’t the only surprise the woman got from her grandson.

Roman Atwood, a popular YouTube host and prankster, invited his girlfriend Brittney’s grandmother over to his home to take part in what he told her was a reality show about his life.

“What she doesn’t know is that I need her car for the show,” Atwood says in the video (shown below).

After interviewing the grandmother for the alleged reality show, Atwood asks her if he and his crew could use her car for the show.

“We’re going to be extremely careful,” he says. “Everybody shooting has been practicing, and they’re going to shoot near the car but if something happens to the car –“

“I’ll cry,” the grandmother interrupts, explaining that the car previously belonged to her late son.

Atwood then brings Brittney’s grandmother out to the back porch, where crewmembers waited with guns in hand. The car was parked on the grass, ready to be fired at, and Atwood counted to three. As soon as the crew began shooting at the vehicle, it blew up and a large ball of fire erupted from it.

“Are you guys serious?” Atwood yells as the grandmother stands on the porch in disbelief. They then run down to the car and inspect it to see if any of it was still intact, but it had been completely destroyed.

“Oh, my car!” the grandmother shouts. Suddenly, a car pulls up behind the two and it was revealed that her car was safe all along. Later, Atwood speaks with Brittney and her grandmother in front of their garage.

“I about had a heart attack,” the grandmother says.

“One more question,” Atwood said as the garage door opened behind them. “What would you do if we got you a different car?” Atwood then revealed a brand new, 2015 car behind them – bought as a gift for the grandmother.

“It’s all yours,” Atwood said. “I’m so excited to make this happen for you. You’ve done more than we could ever repay you for.”

Sources: Fox 8, YouTube

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