Man Argues Rights With Wal-Mart Security Guard (Video)


An unidentified man argued with a Wal-Mart security guard April 2 inside a store in San Antonio, Texas, and filmed the exchange (video below).

The man had completed his shopping and apparently paid for his items when he rolled his cart toward an exit.  A security guard asked to see his receipt, which is customarily done at Wal-Mart and other big box stores.

In the video, the man refuses to show the guard his receipt and tells the guard to move out of his way, but the guard refuses to do so.

The man tells the guard that he is not consenting to a search, and goes on to accuse the guard of violating the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, notes

The guard politely informs the man that the receipt request is not a search, but rather an attempt to verify that the products in the man's basket match his receipt.

After going back and forth for a few minutes, a Wal-Mart manager joins the conversation and tells the man to stop filming.

The man refuses to stop filming, and the manager gets verification from another employee that the man had indeed paid for his merchandise.

The manager allows the man to leave without a receipt check, but the man turns his cart around, heads back into the store and follows the guard, who eventually slaps the man's cellphone camera.

The man wrote on his LiveLeak page that the situation ended up "culminating in him battering me several times, hiding his badge from the camera, and refusing to identify himself. Clearly he thinks he is above the law and doesn't think he needs to be held accountable to the public."

The man posted the guard's alleged name on LiveLeak and said he was from the "County Constables Office," but the identity has not been confirmed by an independent source and is not being included in this report.

"This is an absolutely shameful way to treat a customer who just spent $200 at their store and shops there nearly every day," the man wrote on his LiveLeak page. "Walmart and the badged goons they hire have no respect for the privacy of their customers or their right to refuse to be searched by anybody without a warrant, PC, or RAS."

"I served four years in the USAF as a firefighter and disabled myself defending the Constitution. I never waive my rights and if I say 'No' to a search that should be the end of the story without exception. I hope everybody involved is ready to be famous!"

However, many of the commenters on LiveLeak slammed the man, not the guard.

Sources:, dtlondon/LiveLeak / Photo credit: dtlondon/LiveLeak via YouTube

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