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Man Adopts Dog Not Knowing It's A Rare Mix Of Breeds (Photos)

Months after adopting an abandoned puppy, a man found that the animal he brought home was actually an incredibly rare mix of breeds.

The mutt, now named Phoebe, was found roaming the streets at 9-weeks-old, according to The Daily Puppy. The dog was infested with parasites and had resorted to eating garbage in order to survive.

Phoebe was eventually picked up off the streets and brought to a new home. His owner, who remains unnamed, noticed as the dog aged that she looked a little peculiar. 

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After doing some research, he realized that Phoebe was a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Golden Retriever. 

"The designer dog is a relatively new breed that probably arrived in the last decade," according to Divya Ghimire, a writer for "The breed is fairly uncommon and difficult to find. While there are no clear details of how and when the cross was made, the breeder's main aim was to breed a dog with gorgeous blue eyes and a stunning golden coat."

Although Phoebe may have the same color coat as a Golden Retriever, it's certainly meant to withstand cold temperatures. As The Daily Puppy notes, she enjoys lounging outside on the deck during sub-zero temperatures.

The mix of breeds is commonly known as a Goberian. The reports that the dogs are incredibly friendly and get along well with children. They're also extremely intelligent, quick learners, and incredibly independent. 

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While cross breeding is known to lead to health complications in dogs, Goberians are actually naturally healthy and not prone to many health conditions. However, there have been some reports of joint dysplasia, eye problems, allergies, bloating and cancer.

Online commentators have used Phoebe's story to argue about cross-breeding's effects on dogs, according to PawMyGosh.

"Cross breeding is not good here.. She looks horrible...From a huggy puppy to a arrrr!" one user wrote.

"A Pure breed canine is an animal that has never been bred back to a blood relative. It's not inbred," another person said. "Same as people. Do not marry their first cousins. Why? It's in breeding or line breeding which causes the problems. There is nothing more beautiful [than a] pure bred dog that personifies their [breed]."

However, other users fought back, saying that mixed-breed dogs are healthier and are just as cute a any purebred.

"Actually it is a known fact that having a mixed breed is a lot healthier than a show dog with a lot of heath issues," one person retorted. "Anyone that has had dogs would know this...I actually would rather adopt a street dog with personally, that would love a good home ...than a spoiled dog is dressed up like a human and treated like a doll or jewelery."

The Institute of Canine Biology has found that genetic disorders are found to be a much higher risk in purebred dogs than mixed breeds. Mixed breeds are more likely, however, to tear their joints.

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