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Malia Obama Deals With Photo Seekers At Harvard (Video)

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Malia Obama Deals With Photo Seekers At Harvard (Video) Promo Image

Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama, offered some sharp words to a woman who was a bit too persistent in trying to get her picture (video below).

Obama, 19, recently arrived at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to settle in for her freshman year and has had to deal with good bit of attention while she's been moving in, according to USA Today.

While walking around Harvard Square on Sept. 9, Obama was stopped by a grandmother seeking a picture with the former first daughter, according to TMZ.

Obama politely declined, according to eyewitness accounts, even though the grandmother insisted the photo was for her grandchild. Obama went into a nearby salad shop for lunch, thinking the encounter was over. Instead, the grandmother waited outside until Obama was finished, hoping to snap a picture as she walked out.

As Obama leaves the salad shop, the grandmother keeps the camera trained on her, clearly annoying the freshman Harvard student. The grandmother keeps rolling, and Obama snaps back.

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"Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage," she asks the woman. The grandmother appears to dispute the remark, offering a plea before the video cuts off. Witnesses said the grandmother eventually got the photo with Obama.

Commenters have had a variety of responses. Some felt Obama should be gracious with the attention, particularly as it was coming from a grandmother and not the media. Others noted Obama did not ask to be in the public eye but rather was forced into it during her father's presidency from 2008 to 2016.

"This is terrible," wrote one. "Every president's child should have the right to be a normal person. From the Bush twins, Chelsea, Barron. It doesn't matter who's their parents. She didn't run for office. She shouldn't be punished/stalked because her father did. Let them be."

"Sorry, you can't have all the benefits of elite lifestyle then expect there to be no downside," offered another. "Why not just be normal, even take the pic with the woman and not overreact… give the gawking public exactly what they want."

Others felt that Obama was harming the family's image by reacting to the picture request the way she did.

"Yes its hard to be in the shadow of such accomplished parents but its also a great privilege to be connected to them," one commented. "The least she can do is not publicly shame them. This footage wouldn't even be on TMZ if she hadnt reacted."

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