Malia Obama Plays Beer Pong At A Party (Photos)

Another photo of Malia Obama has surfaced online.

In a photo obtained exclusively by the Daily Mail, first daughter Malia Obama is seen at a party playing what appears to be a game of beer pong. The party reportedly took place on Aug. 23.

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The popular drinking game involves players shooting pong balls into cups of beer. The players must drink whatever cup the ball lands in until one team runs out of cups.

The photo was uploaded on social media app Snapchat. It does not show Obama with a cup in her hand, nor does it show her consuming any alcohol. The photo does show cans of beer on a table.

Michelle Obama’s press office did not respond to the Daily Mail’s request for comments.

Malia has made headlines a few times this Summer.

In August, the Boston Herald reported that Malia attended a party at Martha’s Vineyard that was broken up by police due to a noise complaint. Police could not confirm whether or not Malia was actually in attendance, citing national security.

A few weeks prior to that alleged incident, Malia was caught on video dancing at Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, and a photo of her smoking what appeared to be some type of cigarette also surfaced.

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In September, Malia was seen at Made In America music festival in Philadelphia wearing a shirt that said, “Smoking Kills.” A photo of her talking with friends also surfaced online, as the picture showed what appeared to be a bong on a table.

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Malia has decided to push back her acceptance to Harvard University one year as her family prepares to leave the White House, according to the Daily Mail. She built an impressive resume working on the set of the Halle Berry television series "Extant" and Lena Dunham's HBO series "Girls" during summer internships.

The Obamas said they will be staying in Washington, D.C., rather than returning to Chicago. They plan on staying there at least until Sasha completes high school.

Sources: Daily Mail, Boston Herald / Photo credit: Snapchat via Daily Mail, Splash News via Daily Mail

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