Maid Of Honor Raps Her Wedding Speech To ‘Ice Ice Baby’ (Video)


​Rachel Winterbottom recently wowed the audience at her sister Hayley O'Brien's wedding (video below).

Winterbottom did her wedding toast rap-style to the 1990 Vanilla Ice tune "Ice Ice Baby," notes Brides magazine.

In a multi-camera video of the wedding reception, Winterbottom talks about how she tried to decide how she would do her speech, and finally settled on a musical take.

According to O'Brien's YouTube page, the new lyrics include: "Yo wedding guests lets kick it / Ice ice baby / Ice ice baby."

"Alright stop grab your drink & listen / We're all here for a wedding convention / Something grabbed a hold of them tightly / H & Paul both daily & nightly."

The chorus goes: "Paul & Hayley / They're married baby / Paul & Hayley / Check out her ice ice baby."

Later, the tune says: "Sisters shes like no other / Words can't express how much I love her / Piss pot describes Hayley to be fair / Always on Facebook with her legs in the air."

Winterbottom got a standing ovation, but it turns out that she's one of many maids of honor doing this.

BroBible noted in 2014 that a "really hot matron of honor" did the tune, with different lyrics.

Another maid of honor performed her version of "Ice Ice Baby" in 2015 in a video posted on DailyMotion.

Yet another one did the tune at a wedding in 2015, and posted it on YouTube, and there was another in 2012.

But in fairness to Winterbottom, she had the best production values.

Sources: Brides, BroBible, YouTube (2) (3), DailyMotion / Photo credit: Hayley O'Brien/YouTube

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