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Woman Shares Touching Lunch Box Note From Her Father She Still Has At 31

Out of all the notes her father used to put in her lunch box growing up, one Reddit user says she’s kept one that still hangs on her fridge at the age of 31.

In the viral Reddit post, user krogs explains that her father used to put notes in her lunch box when she went to school, and now, at 31, she still hangs one particular note up on the refrigerator.

“My dad used to put notes in my lunch. Now I’m 31 and this one still hangs on my fridge,” the Reddit user wrote.

Included with the post was a picture of the handwritten note scribbled onto yellowed paper. The note itself reads:

Dear Katie,

Guess how to spell the name of the sandwich I put in your lunch box today:

-Below Knee




Then guess how much I love you.


Have a great day,

Love, Dad.

After sharing the note on Reddit, others started to share their own similar experiences with their dads.

“My dad used to always make my lunch too! I still have a bunch of the notes he left, and whenever I go back home I always have him make me lunch for my trip back,” Reddit user skrateboard commented. “Actually, on my younger sister's last day of high school he started crying when he gave her her last lunch, since he had been making us lunches since kindergarten. Yay dads!”

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“My oldest brother died when I was 10,” user Lolacsd wrote. “My mom took to bed, and my other brother took off. Daddy got up, made my lunch, went to work and worked his butt off, came home and made dinner, made sure I was safe and happy, and put me to bed. For years. Never a complaint, never a word or thought for himself. He died last year. I spent the previous few years making his lunch because of the Alzheimer’s. What I wouldn’t give for another of his homemade lunches.”

Once the post went viral, Katie, or krogs, commented with an update and clarified some things for readers.

“Thanks for all the HYSTERICAL and BEAUTIFUL comments! 1. Dad is still alive and he’s awesome. 2. This made his day, thanks REDDIT!!! 3. Dad handwriting is the best!”

Sources: LiftBump, Reddit / Photo Source: Imgur


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