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Louisiana Principal's Halloween Costume Sparks Controversy (Photo)

Louisiana middle school principal Lee Ann Wall and her husband Jeptha Wall made headlines after deciding to dress as a couple on welfare for Halloween.

In a photo featuring the couple’s costume, Lee Ann stands in front of a cart filled with multi-racial babies. The sign on the cart reads: “You wait on pay day, I be waiting for da first of da month!” Jeptha can be seen wearing a shirt identifying him as the “baby’s daddy.”

Their costumes are described as "People of Walmart," KLFY reports.

Lee Ann is the principal of Iota Middle School, which is part of the Acadia Parish School Board district. Jeptha is a coach at Crowley High School, which is in the same school district.

When the picture went viral, a viewer shared the picture with KLFY, describing it as a "display of racism and classism."

“To make fun of people that just can’t afford a better way of life, to make fun of them? That’s ridiculous,” Nathan Kresge, an Iota resident, told KLFY.

Resident Penny Fontenot, however, said that the couple was just having fun at a non-school function and that the costumes were “no big deal.”

Ellan Baggett, the Executive Director of Operations with the Acadia Parish School Board, noted that the school is taking appropriate action against the faculty. However, specifics were not given.

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Sources: Daily Mail, KLFY via KXAN

Photo Credit: KXAN


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