Los Angeles TV Reporter Scared By Man During Live Broadcast (Video)

KTLA news reporter Wendy Burch was doing a live report on July 28 about Los Angeles being considered as a site for the 2024 Olympics when she was scared by an unidentified man (video below).

The man sneaked into the camera shot behind Burch, who saw him and jumped several feet, reports FTVLive.com.

"Scared the shhh... out of me!" Burch yelled on the air, carefully avoiding a certain phrase that would have caused shock among tender viewers.

Burch did another report later this morning in which she explained how Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti expressed interest in hosting the Olympics after Boston's mayor pulled the plug because of low support.

Sources: FTVLive.com, KTLA via AOL.com / Photo credit: Screenshot via KTLA


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