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Los Angeles Clippers Fans Boo Halftime Show By Redfoo, Referees (Video)

The Los Angeles Clippers' halftime show on April 28 featured rapper, dancer and LMFAO co-founder Redfoo performing at mid-court.

After Redfoo completed his act, he told L.A. how much he loved the city, but some fans booed and yelled, "Get off the floor, you suck!" noted Aux.TV (video below).

Redfoo wasn't the only one booed at the Clippers-Spurs Game 5 playoff game. The referees also got the "You suck" treatment, noted (video below).

TNT sports announcer Reggie Miller innocently asked, "What do they mean, 'Refs you suck?' Suck what?”

Sources: Aux.TV,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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