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Lori Loughlin Considering Deal To Flip On Her Husband For Lower Jail Sentence


It has been all over the news - the star actress Lori Loughlin, also known as Aunt Becky from the hit show Full House had been a part of the 50-person arrest from the college admissions scandal earlier this year.

Accused of bribing and slipping away over $500,000 to the USC officials just to get her daughter an athletics-based University admission, she has been jailed and detained since the previous month and have rendered her sentence till then.

But the actress denies having any part of it - in fact, she likens the huge sum of money to a donation to the school, insisting that she did nothing specifically wrong, and had just been aiming to get preferential treatment (which is possibly minus the fraud and money laundering parts of the story.)

Lori and her husband, the iconic fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, have pledged their innocence and have stated that they were, in fact, not guilty.

Albeit their plea, however, is clear proof from the FBI, which has pretty much rounded up all the evidence regarding the situation. On a previous report, the FBI had busted the middleman of the operations, who had been running the wide-scale criminal enterprise that connected the wealthy parents of students of important families to the unscrupulous and undignified school officials.

Thanks to the middleman, the prosecutors now have access of the actresses’ scene on tape - not only acknowledging the money, but including the willingness to defraud the IRS by insisting that the sum was a charity for “underprivileged” kids.

And because the actress and fashion icon have pleaded not guilty, their charges have added up significantly.

All in all, Lori is currently charged with fraud, bribery, and money laundering - a feat that can cost her up to 50 years in prison, which might finally end her career and spending the rest of her life behind bars.

Sources: Perezhilton / Photo Credit: News Today Celeb

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