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Lizard Bravely Fights Snakes In Wildlife Brawl (Video)

A wild video (below) of a young marine iguana lizard being chased and squeezed by snakes has gone viral.

The clip is from the BBC’s premiere episode of "Planet Earth 2," which aired on Nov. 6.

The video begins with the lizard standing still as veteran host David Attenborough explains that snakes have bad eyesight, but can detect movement.

The lizard appears to have faked out a snake that is slithering around him, but the lizard makes the mistake of blinking its eye.

Then all hell breaks loose. The lizard makes a run for it as numerous snakes emerge from rocks and chase their fleet-footed prey.

The lizard manages to outrun most of them, but gets caught in his path ahead by some serpents who try to put the squeeze on him. The lizard manages to slip away from the snakes, but is not out of the woods yet.

The lizard climbs up some rocks with the snakes close behind, nipping at his scaly feet as he desperately escapes like an action hero.

According to The Guardian, this episode pulled in 9.2 million viewers, and was the highest rated natural history TV show in the U.K. in more than 15 years.

"Planet II" is a sequel to "Planet Earth I," but has the advantage of better technology to film animals. The lizard-snake video appeared to be shot by drones.

There are more thrills and chills to come as "Planet Earth II" crews filmed in 40 different countries for 2,089 days.

Clips of the lizard-snakes chase went viral on Twitter, reports RT where most folks were on Team Lizard (sorry snakes):

"Go lizard go! My heart rate went through the roof. INCREDIBLE."

"me & my girlfriend were practically SCREAMING at the TV. What tension, what scale & what a sense of good vs evil."

"i legit never rooted for anyone as hard as i was rooting for this lizard."

"Possibly the greatest scene in documentary history. Incredible."

"This Tweet caused my battery to run out faster than that Iguana."

"Late to the party but never thought I'd be emotionally invested in the wellbeing of a lizard."

Even "The Late Late Show" got into the act: "HAVE YOU WATCHED THAT LIZARD VS SNAKES VIDEO?!"

Sources: BBC Earth/YouTube, RT, The Guardian / Photo credit: BBC Earth/YouTube

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