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Wrestler Suffers Head Injury, Match Suspended (Video)

WWE Payback was momentarily halted the night of May 1 after wrestler Enzo Amore, whose real name is Eric Arndt, seriously injured himself during his match (video below).

Shortly after beginning his tag team match against The Vaudevillains, Amore, 29, was thrown into the ropes and out of the ring, according to the Daily Mail. While the move seemed routine, Amore landed awkwardly, snapping his neck against the rope.

He fell to the ground and lay motionless. His eyes were open but he was in a daze and was ventilating heavily, Hollywood Life reports. His tag team partner, Colin Cassady, rushed to his aid.

The match was suspended with no result, and the cameras abruptly cut away while paramedics tended to Amore outside of the ring. Concerned fans watched as Amore was put onto a stretcher and carried out of the arena.

Announcer Michael Cole addressed fans watching at home, informing them that Amore was being taken to the hospital, the Daily Mail reports. The pay-per-view event eventually went ahead, and later in the night, prior to the main event, Cole told the audience that doctors had diagnosed Amore with a concussion.

Cole's information was later confirmed by the WWE, which used its official Twitter account to reveal that Amore was undergoing testing and communicating with the hospital staff, able to move his arms and legs.

Amore was released from the hospital in the early morning of May 2 and it reportedly in good spirits.

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The scary incident serves as a reminder of the dangerous nature of professional wrestling, a sport in which athletes are repeatedly exposed to head trauma.

When a person suffers multiple concussions, they are liable to develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE, a degenerative brain disease similar to dementia.

Other sports like boxing and football have been criticized in recent years for not doing enough to protect their athletes from CTE and other serious conditions.

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