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Little Girl Reacts Hilariously To News She'll Be A Big Sister (Video)

A video of a 3-year-old girl's reaction to finding out she is becoming a big sister has gone viral. 

“It says ‘Hello in There! A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting.’” the father says in the video. “You know why we got you that?”  

The little girl, Kathryn, asks why and her father replies that she’s going to be a big sister.

After a short pause, Kathryn responds.

“I farted,” Kathryn says.

Her father begins to laugh uncontrollably. Kathryn even elicits a few laughs from the woman filming the video, presumably her mother.

Kathryn’s father continues to laugh until finally he pleads for the video to end.

To date, the video has been viewed over 600,000 times.

Sources: BuzzFeed, Mashable / Photo Credit: YouTube


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