Little Boy Throws Tantrum Over Getting The 'Wrong' Christmas Gift (Video)


A little boy’s reaction to getting the “wrong” Christmas gift went viral.

In the video (below), a little boy can be seen opening a WWE video game from his parents. Though at first he seems excited, the expression on his face quickly changes to one of disappointment.

“You bought me 2k15 instead of 2k16?” he yells at his mother. 

“It was out of stock!” his mother shouts back from behind the camera.

The boy then screams, “what the hmmm,” before throwing the box on the ground.

The video, shared on Twitter by a young woman who claimed to be the boy’s sister, quickly went viral — garnering tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

“Little brat doesn't deserve anything if he can't appreciate what he did get. Take it away and don't give him anything,” one Twitter user wrote in response.

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Watch the moment below.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mayra via Twitter / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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