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Little Boy Gives Heartwarming Birthday Gift To WWII Vet Best Friend (Video)


A World War II veteran and his unlikely best friend started their friendship months ago, with their story soon becoming an Internet sensation. For the vet's 90th birthday, his pal got him a gift that they can both keep with them forever.

Erling Kindem began his friendship with 4-year-old Emmett months ago, when they were living next door to each other. Emmett saw Kindem growing tomatoes and began asking questions. It was then that the bond was formed. 

Kindem and his wife later moved to a retirement community, and Emmett's family relocated to a house in the country, but that didn't stop the pair from hanging out. Emmett's parents often drive him to Kindem's house for visits, and his 90th birthday celebration was no exception.

The touching gift that young Emmett gave Kindem was a pair of dogtags, one for each of them, with the phrase "Emmett & Erling. Friends Forever." engraved in Norweigian, a language that Kindem has spoken since childhood. 

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The party ended with Emmett promising Kindem that he would, of course, be back again soon.

Sources: Lift Bump, YouTube / Photo Credit: Screen Capture.


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