5-Year-Old Boy Complains About Having Too Many Girlfriends (Video)


A video (below) featuring a 5-year-old boy complaining about having too many girlfriends has gone viral for the second time.

The video, "When You Got Too Many Side Chicks," went viral after it was posted to Facebook on Feb. 9. It was originally posted to YouTube by user Danielle H on March 21, 2014, and took off then as well.

In the video, the sad little fellow tells his mom, "I could have two; I don't want three."

The mom then asks, "Does it stress you out having that many girlfriends?"

"Yeah, it's like I have to give one up," the boy replies.

His mom asks him how he's going to decide which girl to give up, and he laments: "I don't know. They're all pretty. I have to give one up."

The mom tries to console her son by telling him that it is rough being 5, and the boy says, "I wish I was 4 again."

The family has chosen to remain anonymous, but family friend Bryan LaRose told the New York Daily News that he was there when the boy explained his problem.

“His mother said, ‘Oh, my God, I have to record this because this will be hilarious,'" LaRose recalled.

According to LaRose, the boy has three female friends at school whom he calls his “girlfriends.”

“Just playing with them and sharing his toys with them and stuff -- that’s his idea of a girlfriend; just a regular friend,” LaRose said.

“[The boy's family] didn’t see it coming at all,” LaRose said of the video going viral. “They were just like, ‘Whoa.’”

Sources: Facebook, YouTube, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: YouTube

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