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Lion Tries To Eat Child At Zoo, Runs Into Wall (Video)

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Shocking video (below) showing a lion running into glass at a zoo after attempting to run toward a small child went viral.

The clip, reportedly captured at a zoo in China, shows a little boy in a yellow raincoat looking at a lion from outside an enclosure. The lion spots the child, begins to stare at him and crouches down, ready to pounce. The boy turns his back, and the lion suddenly darts toward him. 

Instead of reaching the boy, the lion runs into a glass wall. The boy appears startled as he turns around to see the lion so close to him.

The clip quickly went viral, sparking a similar to debate to the one that took place after the death of Harambe, the gorilla shot and killed after a 4-year-old boy fell into his enclosure.

“This lion is taking advantage.You can see he act cute when the boys was watching him.Then when the boy turn around, the lion tried to attack,” one viewer wrote in a comment on YouTube. 

Elite Daily writer Jake Cappuccino wrote about the video in a piece for the website, saying that the lion was a wild animal and was acting on its instincts — which are to hunt prey. In the lion’s case, Cappuccino wrote, the prey was the little boy. 

“This is NOT FUNNY!! Beautiful animals like this should not be locked up in what are essentially prisons. They are wild animals and should be left in the wild NOT put on display for our amusement,” one reader replied to the Elite Daily piece.

“This is sick and so very sad. The fact that people still don't understand this disgusts me. The writer of this post clearly is lacking in compassion and understanding. Sickening.”

Other readers also blasted the writer’s take on the incident.

“You really have no idea what [you] are talking about, i think you need to do some more research before you write an article. most zoo animals are not wild, bc a vast amount of them are bred in captivity and are raised from birth a lot of times by human caretakers so they are in some way are domesticated,” reader Matt Friedman wrote.

Watch the intense video below.

Sources: Elite Daily, Tu Bui Anh/YouTube / Photo credit: Tu Bui Anh/YouTube

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