Lightning Strikes Empire State Building (Video)


Footage of New York's Empire State Building being struck by lightning on July 25 has captured national attention (video below).

Journalist Henrik Moltke managed to film the incident, says the Daily Mail.

Although it is reported that lightning strikes the infamous building every two weeks, it is rarely caught on camera.

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New York’s electrical storms not only struck the Empire State Building but also other iconic landmarks, such as The Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center.

Photographer Jennifer Khordi, 46, said she spent three hours in the rain trying to capture the moment on camera.

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After the storm subsided, she was also able to photograph a large rainbow stretching over Manhattan.

I'd been tracking the storm on radar all day, and ran in the pouring rain with all my gear. I only just made it in time! I was soaked to the bone but I didn't care -- when I saw the image I was so excited, I was jumping up and down. For the rainbow to happen soon after was incredible. New York City hasn't been getting many storms this year, so I'm so happy I managed to catch this on camera.

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Across the country, footage of the Santa Clarita Valley fires spreading wildly across Southern California also stunned the nation, leaving skies with an orange hue.

"The flames were leaping up in some areas 50 feet in the air, 100 feet in the air,” Chris Pease said. “It was coming running down the hill -- just a big, red glow, almost like lava. It looked like lava."

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Some residents compared the scene to Armageddon.

“We’ve never seen a fire come into Sand Canyon like that,” said John Tripp, a Los Angeles County deputy fire chief, the Los Angeles Times reports. “All the experience we’ve had with fires is out the window.”

Many homes have been destroyed.

"It's all gone," Pease’s wife said. "Everything's gone. I keep thinking, 'I have to go back and get...' and then I remember I don't have anywhere to go back to. I have basically the clothes on my back."

Sources: Daily MailLos Angeles Times (2) / Photo credit: PA via Daily Mail

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