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Lifeguard Spots Boy Almost Drowning In Pool, Jumps In After Him (Video)

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Video footage shows a lifeguard spotting a boy in a crowded pool nearly drowning, and rushing in to save him. 

The video (below) shows an unnamed pool full of people, with the lifeguard seen watching over swimmers. At the start of the clip, the boy’s rubber float flipped over and caused him to let go.

He began to struggle with staying above water, and the lifeguard quickly spotted him in the extremely crowded pool of swimmers, reports Daily Mail.

As the boy panicked, the lifeguard jumped in and swam towards him.

Within 10 seconds, she reached the boy and lifted him up to keep his head and shoulders above water. She then began to pat him on the back to ensure his lungs were clear.

The entire incident lasted roughly 25 seconds.

Watch the remarkable rescue below.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail


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