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Letter from 'Judge Judy' Producer Reveals How Show Gets People To Appear On TV (Photos)

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If you’ve ever wondered how the long running show Judge Judy finds its cases, a new letter from a producer has finally shed some light. 

The letter, which was written by a producer on the show, explained that field researchers pick small claims cases from around the country that have potential, and then reach out to those involved. 

The letter written to those involved in potential episodes goes on to reveal that if the plaintiff wins a case, the show pays them rather than the defendant. In addition, defendants won’t be subjected to civil judgement on their record if they lose.

Along with the case-related benefits, all involved parties are guaranteed an “appearance fee” as a means of compensation for being on the show. All travel expenses to and from Los Angeles, where the show is taped, are covered by Judge Judy as well. 

Read the revealing letter below.

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Sources: WGNTV, Fox 4 KC / Photo credit: Wikipedia,


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