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Lena Dunham Shocks The 'Today' Show (Video)

Actress Lena Dunham shocked "Today" show host Maria Shriver on Feb. 10 with the word "penis" (video below).

Dunham was promoting the last season of her HBO show "Girls" in an interview with Shriver, who mentioned that she had watched three episodes of the new season.

"You saw a penis, right?" Dunham asked.

Shriver was visibly stunned, and replied: "Yeah, uhh, I saw more than that. You caught me there for a second. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to say that on television? You can actually watch a lot of things."

"Going out with a bang," Dunham added.

"Going out with a bang," Shriver laughed. "We're just going out."

Host Matt Lauer stood to the side of the set, laughed at the awkward situation and said, "What?"

"Matt, help, she just threw me off," Shriver joked.

Dunham apologized.

"No, that's okay, that's okay," Shriver said. "That’s the difference between generations. I wasn’t brought up talking like that."

After Dunham repeated "penis," Shriver told the actress that she was still on the air and called out for Lauer.

Lauer did a plug for Dunham's show, and she said: "I’m thrilled by what's just happened here."

"But first, this is Maria Shriver and Lena Dunham on 'Today,'" Lauer said as he closed the segment.

Dunham also appeared on "The View," where she recalled how traumatized she felt when President Donald Trump won the election:

I found the night of the election to be so shocking and traumatizing. And if I felt that way, I can’t imagine how the people who are so at risk in this country right now must have felt...

If a rich white girl who is on television is breaking out in hives, then how do undocumented Americans feel? Islamic Americans? Trans Americans? All the people who Donald Trump has made it so clear that he doesn't consider human, and doesn't have any interest in protecting.

(Note: Awkward moment begins at 5:00 mark)

Sources: Today/YouTube, The View/Twitter / Photo Credit: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

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