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Lena Dunham Deletes Toilet Picture

Actress and producer Lena Dunham has come in for criticism after posting a picture on her Instagram page of her sitting on the toilet.

The "Girls" star subsequently deleted the picture on Dec. 6, The Wrap reported.

In the photo, Dunham posed on the toilet with her dress pulled up around her waist. The picture was captioned, “model citizen photo by @jackantonoff who may regret having essentially married me (it would be very hard to detangle our assets),” Daily Mail reported.

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The post came a day after Dunham posted a picture of herself in a figure-hugging gray dress, which prompted a follower to ask if she was pregnant.

“I'm not expecting but I did enjoy a large box of gluten free crackers prior to this image,” she answered.

Opinions were less positive about her toilet picture.

“When you delete your own peeing Insta cuz you chronically forget what kind of world we live in but you still gotta shout out your visual influences,” she wrote Dec. 6.

She posted a photo of actress Jenny McCarthy, who is featured in a Candie’s shoes ad posing on a toilet.

Some of Dunham’s followers were even less impressed by her explanation.

“What kind of world we live in? You mean the one where people don’t want to see photos of someone literally taking a piss?” wrote one. “So we should all share photos of us s***ting and pissing because it’s normal? Lmao.”

Several were upset about Dunham’s apparent praise for McCarthy, who has been associated with opposition to childhood vaccinations. One follower accused McCarthy of promoting “fake science” about them.

Another questioned the entire incident.

“If you people couldn’t see her putting up a pic of her peeing, then deleting it? Just to get attention and b**** about how society is f***ed up? Then you are all f***in blind to what this person is about , it’s all for click bait and attention,” they wrote.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Wrap / Photo credit: Lena Dunham/Instagram via Daily Mail

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