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Lena Dunham Accuses TV Of Being Too White, Has TV Show Where Everyone Is White

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Actress Lena Dunham criticized Hollywood for its lack of diversity, but was previously called out herself for writing a show in which diversity was not a factor.

Dunham, known for her HBO show "Girls," urged Hollywood to “stop ignoring” certain voices within the industry during an interview with E! Online at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 25.

“The idea that there aren’t enough diverse filmmakers or there aren’t enough woman filmmakers to give jobs to, it’s simply a fallacy and I know that because I’m here and I’m seeing the movies,” she said. 

“If the studio system is ignoring these voices then we have a very serious problem. They are and the fact is this dialogue, and the promises that the Academy has made, is the beginning of shifting that, but what really needs to happen is that people need to take notice and give resources to these voices.”

Dunham praised television as a medium in which talent is given a platform regardless of race or gender, and called on the film industry to follow suit.

“Television is really proof of that. Television is really starting to show diversity and so the film business has to follow. They have no choice,” she said.

Despite her criticism of Hollywood as a whole for its diversity problem, "Girls" remains a show with a predominately white cast -- and an all-white leading cast. The star acknowledged her diversity problem in a recent interview, saying that she took the criticism “very seriously.”

“As much as I can say [writing four white main characters] was an accident, it was only later as the criticism came out, I thought, ‘I hear this and I want to respond to it,’” Dunham said in an interview, reports Daily Caller.

Dunham, a longtime advocate for women’s rights and equality, is a vocal supporter of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Dunham recently slammed the media for its portrayal of the former secretary of state.

“The way that Hillary Clinton’s been talked about in the media is so gendered and rabidly sexist in every single portrayal,” she said, reports Salon. 

“Whether it’s the attacks on her personal life or the adjectives that are used to describe her clothing, we have to do a full reexamination.”

Sources: Daily Caller, Salon, Business Standard,E! Online / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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