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Lebron James Sparks Controversy Over Alleged 'Disrespectful' Hand Gestures

Photo Credit: Instagram/King James

Photo Credit: Instagram/King James

After the Los Angeles Lakers 106-93 victory over the Miami Heat on Sunday night, the team got its 17th franchise championship. With this, LeBron officially won his fourth title on his third different team.

During their postgame celebrations, LeBron was seen doing different handshakes and gestures with some of his teammates. One of the signs caught the attention of the Gangster Disciples, a criminal organization formed in the late 1960s in the South Side of Chicago.

LeBron was subsequently accused of “dropping rakes” during the celebrations, a gesture that was considered disrespectful towards the Gangster Disciples.

Photo Credit: Instagram/King James

Photo Credit: Instagram/King James reported that the “most visited African American News Network,” LeBron “upset many in Chicago’s largest gang, the Gangster Disciples” with the actions.

“And some in the dangerous gang think that Lebron was deliberately taunting them with his hand gestures – and are now threatening the NBA star on social media,” the report read.

A number of people took to social media to respond. Some of the comments read:

“Lebron gotta stop dropping the rakes..... mad disrespectful.”

“We jumpin Lebron for droppin rakes.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/King James

Photo Credit: Instagram/King James

“Lebron was dropping the rakes on live tv they ain’t say nothing , but have the nerve to try and fuck with John wall when that video came out.”

“Lmfaoo lebron dropped the rakes like 3 times.”

“Lebron droppin the rakes like he affiliated.”

“Imma big LeBron fan... but him he gotta stop droppin the rakes.”

“LeBron da Goat, Mike ain’t never drop the rakes on National TV.”

Photo Credit: Twitter/AMBER

Photo Credit: Twitter/AMBER

“Why niggas talking bout lebron dropping rakes.”

“Lebron be dropping the rakes like a mf, u safe in Chicago tho lord.”

LeBron has yet to comment to the comments about his postgame celebrations. However, his gestures may have been innocent, and the whole incident is just one big misunderstanding.

Sources: America Now

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