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Learn How To Make 45-Day Emergency Candles Using Crisco (Video)

Crisco vegetable shortening is often used in baking and cooking, but did you know it can be used to make simple emergency candles?

Vegetable shortening such as Crisco is still added to wax candles today to give the a soft, creamy texture.

In the video below, YouTuber Lisa Pullano shows us how to make personalized oil candles at home using a jar of Crisco, adding different colors by using melted crayons. You can also save time and money by reusing an old jam jar or any heat safe bottle.

Lifehacker notes it is as easy as putting a piece of string in the middle of the jar and lighting it up. The candle lasts for 45 days, enough to get you through a blackout or a zombie apocalypse. suggests using a straw to insert a wick, which burn better. Cut your wick to size, then insert it into the straw and use the straw to slide the wick in the shortening.

Check out Lisa Pullano’s tutorial video below:

Sources: ViralNovaLifehackerKnowledge Weighs Nothing / Photo Credit: Lisa Pullano/YouTube


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