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Former Teacher Sentenced After Affair With Student

A 37-year-old teacher has been sentenced to a maximum of six years in prison for an affair she had with a 14-year-old student.

Nicole Wilfinger pleaded guilty to two charges of statutory rape and sex between a teacher and pupil, KSNV reported.

Wilfinger worked as a math teacher when the affair began and was married. She was also a family friend of the boy and had babysat his younger sister.

“I accept my responsibility I know this is my mistake,” Wilfinger said in court Nov. 30, according to KSNV.

Judge William Kephart strongly condemned Wilfinger.

“This is sickening,” he told the court.

Police discovered a journal on Wilfinger’s cell phone of events in their relationship, including entries like “first time talking and friendship changes forever,” “first kiss,” “first time we had sex,” “first time having sex in his bed” and “first time he was a cowboy for me,” Daily Mail reported.

Wilfinger accepted a plea deal in August which saw nine initial charges reduced to two. After serving her prison time, she will have to register as a sex offender.

Terri Miller, president of a group seeking to preventsexual abuse by teachers, said eight teachers had been arrested on sexual assault charges against students in the past year in Clark County, the local area.

She suggested modern technology is helping expose these crimes.

“Now there's text messages, there's social media communications, there's emails that have been exchanged,” she said, according to KSNV (2).

Wilfinger cried throughout her sentencing hearing and apologized to the judge.

The boy’s mother read out a victim impact statement in court.

“I've had to hold him in my arms while he cried his eyes out,” the mother said, according to KSNV. “I’ve seen him scared watching out the windows of the house looking to see if she was around because she's driven past his bus stop.”

Wilfinger will serve between 28 and 72 months in jail.

Wilfinger’s behavior did not only affect the teenager.

“She made our family believe her and trust her. Her evil ways not only hurt our son but our whole family,” the mother added.

Sources: KSNV, KSNV (2), Daily Mail/ photo credit: Daily Mail

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