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Large Huntsman Spider Refusing To Be Flushed Is Arachnophobe's Worst Nightmare (Video)

A man in Australia discovered a huge black spider hiding inside of his toilet bowl, and tried to flush it, only to find it will not go down without a fight.

A new video, originally posted to YouTube by Barry Morrissey, shows what appears to be a black Huntsman spider sliding down from under the narrow toilet rim, according to The Telegraph.

Apparently, he had already made a few attempts to flush the eight-legged creature away, but failed to do so before taking out his camera to record.

Check out the video below (Warning: If you’re an arachnophobe, think twice before pressing play.):

A powerful flush did not do the trick, as the creepy crawly was able to hold on. The spider slinks back into the inside of the bowl at the end of the video, ready to pounce upon a possible victim.

(via The Telegraph)

According to Livescience, Huntsman spiders are large, fast spiders found in warm climates across the world. Instead of spinning webs to catch prey, like other spiders, the Huntsman literally hunts down its food, a habit that gives them their name. Huntsman spiders also have twisted leg joints, which allow them to move like a crab. Incredibly quick, Huntsman spiders can move up to a yard (1 meter) per second.

H/t: Rare / Sources: The TelegraphLivescience / Photo Credit: Barry Morrissey/YouTube


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