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LAPD Officers Surprise 94-Year-Old WWII Veteran With Christmas Gifts And Tree (Video)

When two Los Angeles Police Department officers were called to the home of a World War II veteran on Dec. 18, they feared the worst. When they discovered the truth, they knew they wanted to do something special (video below).

Neighbors of 94-year-old Herman Perry's home in Venice, California, called the police when they became concerned after not seeing him for several days. 

LAPD Officers Natali Nunez and Abel Torres responded to the call at Perry’s home, expecting to find him dead. But when they arrived, they found the veteran alive and well, though he was unaware that his neighbors were concerned for him because he is hard of hearing.

The officers found Perry watching television and were saddened to see that he was alone, with no Christmas tree or decorations up in his apartment.

“He told us that not too many people stop by anymore,” Torres told KTLA. Most of Perry’s family lives in Massachusetts. 

The officers were heartbroken to hear this and decided they wanted to help the veteran enjoy his Christmas. After leaving his home around 1 a.m., the officers found a tree lot that was still open and told the owner about Perry’s story. The owner of the lot was also saddened to hear about Perry and he donated a Christmas tree, plus lights, a mistletoe and candy.

Nunez and Torres asked for donations from other officers, and returned three days later with books, clothing and some puzzles for the vet.

When Torres and Nunez returned to Perry’s apartment, he was so touched by their generosity he began to cry.

“I can’t believe all this going on,” Perry said. “This never happens to me.”

“We just felt like he needed some holiday cheer,” Nunez told KTLA.

“Hopefully we can give him something that shows that, hey, you’re loved, you’re cared about,” Torres added.

Sources: KTLADaily Mail / Photo credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail

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