Landscaper Runs Over Trump Sign With Lawn Mower (Video)


A homeowner filmed a landscaper running over a sign supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with a lawn mower in his yard in Orlando, Florida, on April 19 (video below).

Josh Bosch, the homeowner, posted the video, which has since been removed, on the Citrus Chase HOA Facebook page with the caption: "Look at what our landscapers did..... I understand people may not like Trump but I have my rights to put this sign in my yard and it was no accident see for yourself!" notes WKMG.

In the video, the landscaper appears to run over the sign a second time, although the view is obstructed by a wall.

Bosch went over the video frame by frame with WKMG to prove the incident was intentional, which the owner of the landscaping company, Fred Heldreth, denied.

Bosch said he did not remove the sign for the landscaper "because it’s been there since, January, and it’s never been hit by the landscapers. They either always mow around it or use their edger, because a lot of them have respect."

WKMG notes that Citrus Chase HOA rules say that political signs cannot be up more than 90 days before an election or referendum, and have to be removed within 10 days after election day.

Citrus Chase HOA reportedly wrote in response to the now-deleted video on Facebook: "The guy has been removed from the crew, he will not be allowed in our development any more."

Commenters on WKMG's Facebook page wrote:

"another entitled person that thought that he was justified and right by doing this cause he doesnt agree!!! i am glad THEY should release his name and picture so others cant employ him too!!!"

"Looks to me like he was going to fast and hit it. Could have been any sign. He stopped got off the mower and got it out from under and continues on. No big deal."

"I think the guy deserves a raise!"

Sources: WKMG, News 6 WMKMG/Facebook, / Photo credit: Josh Bosch via YouTube

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