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Kylie Jenner Missing From Kardashian Christmas Card (Photos)

 Kylie Jenner Missing From Kardashian Christmas Card (Photos) Promo Image

Many fans of the Kardashian family are disappointed this Christmas season. 

They had hoped that Kylie Jenner would reveal her suspected pregnancy in the family's online holiday card series, reports the Daily Mail.

Beginning on the first day of December, the stars of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" have been sharing a new picture from the series every day. Many were closeup shots of individual family members.

Kim Kardashian shared the final image on Christmas day, showing the entire card, featuring all but one of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, all the sisters' children, mother Kris, and grandmother Mary Jo. 

Kris, Kim, and her sister Kourtney shared the photo to their Twitter accounts, using the simple caption, "DAY 24 - CHRISTMAS EVE."

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The only sister missing was Kylie, who has been rumored to be pregnant and has been noticeably absent from public outings and social media.

Despite the flood of rumors, Kylie has not confirmed nor denied that she is pregnant. The suspected father, rapper Travis Scott, has also kept mum on the matter, Hollywood Life reports.

Her low profile had many fans anticipating that her pregnancy would finally be revealed in the Christmas photo.

One disappointed Twitter user wrote: "I did not wait around for the last 25 days for Kylie to not confirm or deny her pregnancy nor be in the Christmas card." 

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"Wait what? There's no big surprise at the end?" tweeted another.

One fan suggestively asked: "But you know who we all dying to see though...?"

Someone who misspelled the word "genius" wrote: "Wait Kim this is Genious so this whole time everyone thought it was going to be this huge collage and in reality the photos were its own individual card? lol Love it."

"Well that was a waste of time and money," another critic chimed in. "Its not even creative … just messy!"

"Kim f**king Kardashian really played the f**k out of us," is how one particularly profane response began, before concluding with a threat. "Had us waiting 25 days to see if Kylie Jenner pregnant and she's not even in the damn Christmas card s**t. KYLIE B***h, IM COMING FOR YOU."

Rosemary Donahue, a contributing editor to Allure magazine, had a more humorous take, expressing "condolences to all other writers who pre-wrote articles on the basis that Kim's 25th 'Christmas card' would feature a pregnant Kylie, we got the media equivalent of coal this year."

Sources: Daily Mail, Hollywood Life / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram via Daily Mail

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