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Are Fans Misreading 'Doctored' Kylie Jenner Selfie? (Photos)

Some fans and followers of reality TV star Kylie Jenner are wondering if she edited a selfie to give herself more of a "curve."

The 19-year-old posted a picture of herself to Instagram, showing off her toned hips and waist, yet some of her 92.8 million followers believe something is "off" about the picture and are wondering if she doctored it, the Mirror reports. 

In the image, Jenner is wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt, her midriff bared, as well as some underwear. 

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Some of her followers praised her for the pic, but others say the wall on the left hand side of the selfie seems to be curved in line with her hips and waist. 

"Lololol that photoshop the wall is bending (sic)," wrote one user.

Another commented: "Why photoshop, is that the message you want to be sending out to other young girls, you can see the wall I bent asf (sic)"

"Wow you can tell how bad this is photoshopped," said another. "Learn to love yourself." 

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The celebrity has been asked if she edits her pictures as recently as late January, when fans wondered if a picture of her cuddling with ex-boyfriend Tyga had also been edited.

In that picture, she is seen sitting on the rapper's lap, and he is cuddling her from behind. 

Fans with an eye for detail, picked up on a strange lump on her left leg. 

"She has a nipple on her knee," wrote one of her social media followers.

Others responded that it was a plant and the result of the soft lighting. 

"Totally thought she had a wart on her knee. But it's all perspective -- something in front of her knee hahaha," said a third. 

"Kylie grew up feeling like the ugly duckling compared to Kendall who was gorgeous from day one," a source said, Hollywood Life reports. "Not only that but she had an older sister like Kim who was considered the most beautiful girl in the world. The whole family is judged by their looks and Kylie felt like she couldn't compete."

"She feels good about herself and doesn't need Photoshop to look good," the source added. "So when haters accuse her of altering her image it's like they are saying she's ugly and having to fake it. It hurts."

According to the source, Kylie "works hard to look good," and that she's "meticulous about her clothes, her style and of course her makeup." 

"Not only that but she does work out. She's not a workout fiend like her sisters but she does take care of herself and her body."

The source further explained that "those kind of accusations can hurt her brand, her image and her income if people think she's a fake."  

Hollywood Gossip pointed out that no one, except "extreme haters" are saying Jenner is ugly and needs the photo editing software to look good.

Sources: Hollywood Gossip, Hollywood Life, Mirror / Photo credit: KylieJenner/Instagram via Mirror

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