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Kylie Jenner's Naked Smoking Picture Sparks Controversy (Photos)

Kylie Jenner is getting lots of attention for a social media photo she posted in which she is topless and smoking something that many people said is marijuana.

In the black and white photo, uploaded on June 25, Jenner is lying on her stomach, propped up on her elbows under a blanket and exhaling thick smoke from something which looks to have been rolled by hand.

"Kylie uploading a pic smoking, despite knowing most of her followers are teenagers, says a lot about her as a person," one Instagram user commented on the photo, while another wanted to tell the 19-year-old social media star that "smoking isn't cute."

Somebody else said that they always knew "she was a Stoner," while another urged Jenner to act her age.

"It's corrupted af that ppl like Kylie Jenner can post pics smoking weed while so many [People of color] are incarcerated for marijuana possession," another person said.

Jenner has approximately 95,500 followers on the social media site.

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A number of others offered her supportive comments, calling her "pretty" and "perfect."

"Kylie Jenner posted a photo to IG smoking a [joint]," one user wrote. "That means I need to do the same right?"

Another Instagram user said that Jenner "smoking [weed] in her bed naked while someone fixes her hair" was "goals."

More than three million people have liked the photo, as of the afternoon of June 26.

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Kylie posted a pair of similar black and white photos on March 1, in which she was smoking something hand-rolled with similar hair, makeup and lighting atop the same pillow. Those posts also drew a number of comments from people offended by the smoke.

"Don't smoke!" one person wrote under one of the March photos. "It's not good for you! Even though it looks cool, IT COULD KILL YOU. ... Kylie you are a goddess but if you keep doing this you will look a an old male hillbilly. Love- YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!"

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Another Instagram user responded and said that Kylie was just smoking "for the photo shoot."

Another person said that they "hope she dies of lung cancer."

"Well she is promoting smoking and she has over 90 [thousand] followers," that user followed up. "She is just annoying and sets such unrealistic body goals for young girls. I'm just saying."

According to Addiction Blog, seeing smoking portrayed in a positive or cool light in pop culture and the media is the third most common reason young people start smoking cigarettes, following peer pressure (the second most common) and family members who smoke (the most common).

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