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Kylie Jenner Covers Up Baby Bump (Photos)

Kylie Jenner Covers Up Baby Bump (Photos) Promo Image

Reality star and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner continues to avoid showing her reported baby bump to fans, going to great lengths to post photos that only show her face.

Jenner, 20, usually has no problem showing off her figure on Instagram, according to the Daily Mail. But her latest three photos posted Nov. 20 show her all covered up in a black turtleneck. 

She's only shown from the chest up, but some fans still say that they can tell she's pregnant from changes in her face. Jenner has not confirmed whether she is pregnant.

"Can't hide the face... I can see changes," one fan wrote.

A source close to Jenner says that the reality star has no plans to show off her baby bump until she's ready.

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“Kylie is only trusting her closest friends and her sisters right now," the source told People. "She wants to reveal things on her own terms but she’s of course having fun teasing everyone. She knows all the attention is on her and her baby bump, but she won’t share until she wants to."

The news of her alleged pregnancy broke in September, and the father is believed to be Jenner's current boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott. Those close to the family say Jenner is due in February and is expecting a girl, according to Entertainment Tonight.

While sources say the pregnancy was a surprise, Jenner was said to be overjoyed at the news as she has always wanted to be a mom.

"Kylie always wanted to be a young mom," said a source. "She may be young, but she's very maternal."

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In the meantime, she's seems to be trying to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. A source close to Jenner tells People that she stays covered up partly because she's insecure about her body and constantly compares herself to her sisters.

"Her body is changing and she’s very self-conscious about it," said the source. "She’s always been insecure that she’s not as curvy or pretty as her sisters."

Lately, nearly all of Jenner's Instagram photos are old photos or are taken from the chest up, covering any signs of pregnancy. She has also been careful to avoid any interactions with the media, reportedly staying home to avoid being photographed.

"Kylie prefers to stay home," a source close to the family told People. "She feels good, but her body is changing. She doesn’t want to be photographed. At the moment, she wants more privacy." 

Sources: Daily Mail, People (2), Entertainment Tonight / Featured Image: Disney ABC Television Group/Flickr / Embedded Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram via Daily Mail

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