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'She Really Needed Some Food': Grocery Store Manager's Good Deed For Housebound Woman Goes Viral

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The manager of a Kroger store in Warwood, West Virginia, has reportedly done something amazing for a housebound woman who couldn't get to the store to buy groceries.

Sonny Delfyette told WBOY that his mother, who lives in Wheeling, West Virginia, returned home from the hospital sometime in mid-December after undergoing a medical procedure to treat her diabetes.

The elderly woman had no food left in her house to help her maintain healthy blood sugar levels, but she did not feel well enough to go grocery shopping.

Delfyette, who lives in New York, called his mother's local Kroger branch in Warwood to ask if he could buy groceries for her over the phone.

The manager who answered the phone, who is identified only as Sam in news reports, told Delfyette that the store did not allow customers to order groceries over the phone but that he would do what he could to help the man's mother.

"I told [Sam], you know, that she was at a dangerous level and she really needed some food," Delfyette told WBOY.

"So he said, 'Is it okay if I just get her some bread and some of the basic staples, I'll pay for it myself,'" Delfyette said. "I said, 'Yes,' chuckling, 'How can I repay you?' and he said, 'Don't worry about it.'"

Sam bought the groceries and had a store employee deliver them directly to the woman's home. He also sent her a hot meal on Christmas Eve.

Delfyette posted a message on Facebook thanking Sam for his good deeds and urging friends in the area to stop by the Kroger store and say hello to the kind-hearted manager.

The Jan. 4 post was shared more than 1,000 times in two days.

Posters writing in the comments section called Sam's act of kindness a "blessing" and wished Delfyette and his mother well.

Delfyette also explained in the post that he was able to meet Sam in person while visiting his mother for two days at the end of December.

"I put myself in your place and would want someone to help my mother too, so no. It was our pleasure," Sam reportedly told Delfyette when the man asked if he could repay him, according to the Facebook post.

Two of Delfyette's relatives helped his mother get the rest of her groceries. Delfyette also noted that his mother is doing fine now.

Sources: WBOY, Sonny Delfyette/Facebook / Photo Credit: Sonny Delfyette/Facebook

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