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Kris Jenner Accused Of Editing Instagram Snapshot (Photos)

Kris Jenner, the 61-year-old matriarch of the Kardashian clan, has been accused of digitally editing an Instagram photo of herself.

The snapshot in question shows her in a low-cut crop top while holding Flat Tummy Tea, reports the Daily Mail.

On the official company website, Flat Tummy Tea is described as "a 2 step tea detox packed with ingredients traditionally known to help cleanse your system, support metabolism, reduce bloating and boost energy." In Jenner's Instagram picture, she is promoting the "Cleanse" step, which is to be used after the "Activate" step.

It appears, however, that some amateur digital editing was done to the underside of her right arm, where flabby skin is commonly found on persons of her age.

As one Instagram user commented, "Oh please this pic was edited to the max." Another said: "Shame about the editing on the arms... why bother? You look good!" To which another commenter added, "The reason you look so good is because of photo editing, don't lie."

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In addition to the seemingly edited arm, some Facebook users accused her of airbrushing her skin.

"At her age her skin would look older," claimed one critic. "I'm not just talking about the skin on her face, her whole body, her skin is way too smooth. All the surgery in the world wouldn't give her skin that looks 20 years old."

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Glamour photography is commonly accused of using airbrushing to make models look pristine. For example, Playboy magazine has long been a target of that belief.

However, former Playboy and Penthouse photographer Ken Marcus insists that the belief is a myth.

In a post on the Model Mayhem website, Marcus wrote:

During the 11 years (1974-1985) that I shot centerfolds, calendars, pictorials and editorials for Playboy, there was a policy against retouching anything except the cover (to make sure text would contrast properly and be easily readable). Our policy during those days was:  Pre-touch, rather than Re-touch…. The photographers were specialists (only a handful in the world qualified to shoot centerfolds). The models were all (for the most part) amateurs. The vast majority of the women that we shot for Playboy had never modeled before.  

Whether or not the photo on Jenner's promotional post contained any fakery, it achieved its desired commercial effect, receiving more than 328,000 likes.  

Sources: Daily Mail, Model Mayhem / Photo credit: Martyna Bortkowski via Wikimedia Commons, Kris Jenner/Instagram, Backgrid via Daily Mail

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