Kind Stranger Covers Breakfast Tab For 11 Seniors And Their Care Workers


A group of senior citizens of the Independence Court of Monroeville, an assisted living facility in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, became unsuspecting beneficiaries of the kindness of an anonymous stranger.

Eleven residents and two staff members from the facility were eating out for breakfast at the Bob Evans Restaurant on Route 22 on the morning of Sept. 18.

Another customer in the restaurant kept an eye on the group while they dined. At one point, the customer struck up a conversation with the director of activities, Sharon Jankovik, and pointed out that the elderly residents were mostly unburdened by their wheelchairs and walkers, reported WPXI.

“The lady I spoke with wanted my opinion about physical therapy and residences like outs and whether they, together, could realistically improve mobility for someone like this lady’s 85-year-old mother,” Jankovik said.

After everyone finished their meals, Jankovik said she asked the waitress for the bill, but was surprised when she found out that another patron had already paid their entire tab.

Jankovik asked the waitress who paid for them so she could thank them, but the waitress said that the person had asked to remain anonymous.

The heartfelt gesture follows the kind actions of a young New Jersey waitress who recently “paid it forward” for a cancer patient dining at her place of employment.

Daniela Bossi, 17, had kind words of encouragement when friends of her family, Rick and Annette Lewallen, came for a slice of pizza and a salad at her restaurant.

Bossi went to school with the Lewallens' children, and her younger sister is best friends with one of them, Bossi said.

Because of the high costs for Rick’s brain cancer treatment, the couple rarely goes out to dinner. Though they ordered very little, the bill came without a total due. Instead, the check had a note written on it, reported NJ.

“For putting up the biggest fight, this one is on me,” Bossi wrote.

Bossi said that by the time the Lewallens came in to eat, she had already made enough in tips to cover the tab. When she told her bosses about it, they reimbursed her. “They told me they were behind me 100 percent,” she said.

After Annette shared the story on social media, she said that Bossi’s actions were a “vote for humanity.”

Sources: WPXI, NJ / Photo credit: Pixabay


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