Strange Thing Noticed About Kim And Kanye Picture


Kim Kardashian returned to social media with some very interesting photos of her family -- prompting many people to accuse the reality star of trying to look "poor."

Kardashian posted several photos of herself and her husband, Kanye West, as well as their two children. One photo showed Kardashian with her back to West, while others showed the two spending time with their kids.

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Many questioned why the pictures appeared filtered through a darker, retro tone that almost made them look as though the family were poor.

"Why are trying so hard to look poor in these pictures!!! So fake once again (sic)," one viewer commented, Daily Mail reported.

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"So we're using a filter to make you photos look grainy and you all are wearing $700 sweat pants and we're supposed to think you're all of a sudden down to earth?? So stupid!" another added.

"All I know is most people wouldn't get robbed, go into hiding and come back with fully clothed pictures that look like we are in the 70's', a third declared, while yet another fan shared, 'I have an idea, let's take pictures that aesthetically make us look poor" -Kim & crazy Kanye...GIRL BYE" another wrote.

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Other viewers were more kind, wishing Kardashian and her family well.

"I'm happy to see you two taking a break or you allowed yourselves to step back and enjoy each other and family," one reader commented.

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Meanwhile, news recently broke that 17 people were arrested in connection to Kardashian's robbery that took place in October. Police are currently investigating claims that the robbery was an inside job. One of the people arrested was Kardashian's limo driver, Yahoo reported.

The robbery took place in Paris, where Kardashian was tied up and gagged by five assailants. The robbers took an estimated $10 million in jewelry. Kardashian can be seen commenting on the incident in an upcoming episode of her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Sources: Daily Mail, Yahoo / Photo credit:Kim Kardashian/Twitter, Kim Kardashian/Instagram,  YiFeiBot/Wikimedia Commons

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