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Kim Kardashian As Virgin Mary? (Photo)

Like clockwork, reality TV star Kim Kardashian is again grabbing headlines by doing something controversial.

This time she did it with her latest personalized emoji -- or  "Kimoji" as they are known to her followers. Unveiled on her Kimoji Instagram page on April 20, it features Kardashian as the Virgin Mary, reports the Daily Mail.

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The image has the reality star's face superimposed on the mother of Jesus Christ, with a fiery halo around her head and flowers at her waist.

And because April 20 is also an unofficial marijuana holiday, Kardashian's Virgin Mary has an appropriately psychedelic look.

It is linked to her Kimogi website, where visitors can buy a candle with the Virgin Mary Kimoji emblazoned on the glass container, like the religious prayer candles found in grocery stores, smoke shops and other retailers. As such, she is competing with the Reed Candle Company of San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 1937, Reed is the industry leader in Christian, Jewish and mystical prayer candles. It also sells a line of official NBA candles. 

In addition to the Kimoji prayer candle, the Kimoji store also sells a "fire weed sock," and of course the ever-popular "ass tray" -- a standard glass ashtray with the image of Kardashian's legendary buttocks printed on it.

Many social media users condemned her latest offering as a sacrilege. "Take this down," one curtly demanded, summing up the view of those who were offended.

Only four days earlier, Kim again drew controversy with her Easter photos. "I think she is pregnant," one social media user speculated. "She positioned her kids to stand in front of her stomach, her hips look wider than usual and her face a little more full."

Others expressed concern for her children, who were pictured with Kardashian and her husband, rapper Kanye West. "So, why do the kids look so traumatized?" asked one curious follower. "Was the best photo they could get the one in which the kids look the best they could? Why are their kids so frightened?"

Only three days before Easter, Kardashian fascinated the public with a Throwback Thursday Instagram post that revisited her 2015 sponsored post about Diclegis, a morning sickness pill, reported Cosmopolitan.

The original post got her into trouble with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, because she failed to include the proper legal disclaimer about the drug. So in her throwback post, she humorously included the appropriate legalese in its entirety, resulting in an absurdly long Instagram post.

Sources: Daily Mail (2), Cosmopolitan / Photo credit: Toglenn/Wikimedia Commons, Kimoji/Instagram via Daily Mail

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