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Kim Kardashian Snaps 6,000 Selfies In Four Days

TV reality star Kim Kardashian says that she took 6,000 selfies in a span of four days during a recent trip to Casa Aramara, Mexico, with her daughter North West and son Saint West.

Kardashian recalled the selfie-taking spree on sister Kendall Jenner's pay wall website and app, but her recollections were dutifully reported by People Magazine.

Kardashian said she was on the beach for four hours with Saint, wore nine different two-piece swimsuits, sipped 10 watermelon smoothies with North, and listened to 19 songs on her "Mexico Mix" playlist.

When the numbers are broken down, Kardashian took an average of 1,500 pictures of herself each day, which would come to about 93 selfies an hour if she was awake for 16 hours and slept eight.

People Magazine suggested that the burst mode function on her iPhone may have aided Kardashian during her selfie marathon.

In the selfie above, Kardashian wrote on Instagram: "Pre photo shoot fittings," and received 1.4 million "likes."

In more Kardashian news, actress Sarah Jessica Parker recently gushed to the Daily Mail about meeting the E! star backstage at a Kanye West concert over the summer:

She was lovely. My son is a huge Kanye fan and they were really gracious and allowed him time with Kanye and that was in large part Kim's doing.

There was a focus that I witnessed, not just with my son -- whom she gave a lot of time to -- but with everyone in the room. She was never looking over her shoulder, she was hospitable and lovely.

It was so cool to watch her with my phone -- she took my phone and was like "let me shoot this whole thing" and she shot the whole conversation with Kanye and my son, which was so sweet.

The tabloid asked Parker if she thought Kardashian has become a modern-day style icon, and the "Sex In The City" star said:

I don't know what icon means anymore. I don't think of myself as a style icon. I think Kim obviously has enormous influence and she is more and more aware of what she wants and the images that she chooses to project, which she is in complete control of.

I think she is a young woman who is evolving all the time and one shouldn't make a decision about anybody. She is not baked and done -- I'm not either -- so let her experiment and delight in the choices she has to make and let's be kind to one another and be good to one another.

Sources: People Magazine, Kim Kardashian/Instagram, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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