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Kim Kardashian Slammed Online For 'Cultural Appropriation' Over Recent Photos


Kim Kadarshian posted a picture wearing “maang tikka,” the Indian traditional jewelry, sparking controversy as various Twitter and Instagram users caller her out for yet another display of cultural appropriation.

She was dressed in a tight crop top and maxi skirt, accessorizing the look with the gold maang tikka and chunky bangles. The pictures received instant backlash.


On Twitter, one user suggested that Kim consider donating money to countries she uses for fashion inspiration. The comment read: “Now that you’ve stolen from south Asian culture to fit your aesthetics, why don’t you donate to these countries if you appreciate their culture so much, Kim?”

Another comment read: “if anyone is defending this bc she’s half armenian- (her dad was a third gen wealthy armenian) armenians don’t wear bindhis/bindhanis. not all brown people are allowed to wear the same things. we’re not all the same. bindhis are sacred to hinduism/south asian cultures.”


One Indian user was angry that Kim decided to use her “culture” as fashion, writing: “As being someone who comes from a South Asian background seeing Kim Kardashian wearing a TIKKA pisses me off. My culture isn’t your ‘aesthetic’ or ‘style’ so please show some respect and not use it for you to model in. Cultural appropriation is not okay.”

Another person commented: “During this pandemic Kim Kardashian decided to appropriate another culture.”


Kim has been slammed a number of times for cultural appropriation, including last year, when she wore a maang tikka to Sunday service. She was in a long white dress and golden maang tikka, and she captioned the post: “Sunday Service Vibe.”

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