Some Say Kim Kardashian Is Wearing Blackface (Photos)


Kim Kardashian West's latest Twitter photo has caught the attention of thousands of people -- but not necessarily for the right reasons, as a number of social media users have accused her of wearing blackface.

The June 14 post features a heavily edited photo of the reality tv star wearing a sleek ponytail and crop top alongside a caption announcing Kardashian West's new Creme Contour and Highlight Kit, set to be released on June 21. But many people said that in the image, Kardashian West's skin tone was noticeably several shades darker than usual:

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"you black now sis?" one person replied on Twitter when they saw the image.

Another wrote, "You [don't] have to do blackface," while another said that Kim wants to "be Black so badly."

"It's embarrassing that she even has to go to this extent to even make a profit," commented another social media user.

But not everybody was convinced.

"That's called lowering the exposure and adding contrast," someone responded. "Look it up."

A number of people said that the dark photo was either a matter of highlight and contour or an attempted at a sun-kissed look.

"It's called spray tan sis," suggested one person.

"I'm in shock that people are saying that you're trying to be black,when you're clearly showing how contour works!" wrote another.

But a number of Twitter users shot that down.

"I love Kim but that's [definitely] black face in the form of makeup," said one person. "She is [nowhere] near that dark."

Another said that, while they were "not saying she's doing black face," they didn't think contour makes one's "entire complexion two shades darker."

"Black women get told to lighten meanwhile Kim spends her entire career in perpetual Black face and is lauded for her beauty," said another.

"hey it looks like your editor made a mistake, here's what you really look like (luv u tho!)" somebody wrote on Twitter along with a version of the photo lightened up to Kardashian West's usual skin tone:

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Kardashian West and her family have spoken about blackface before. In 2014, a prankster at the Vienna Opera Ball approached her in blackface, pretending to be her husband, rapper and fashion designer Kanye West, according to Us Weekly.

"I can't believe there's this guy in full blackface," she said at the time, according to Us Weekly. "I just am so confused. I don't get why him or anyone else would find this funny. … This is supposed to be some really nice, upscale event. How did this guy get in? Is this just like a sick joke?" 

The man, who was also wearing a top hat and white tuxedo, reportedly yelled at her during a photo shoot.

"A guy in blackface?" her mother, Kris Jenner, asked at the time. "It's really uncomfortable and a little scary. To have somebody so ignorant come to such a beautiful event and spoil it for everyone is just taking a huge step backwards."

Sources: Kim Kardashian West/Twitter, Us Weekly / Photo Credit: The Heart Truth/Wikimedia Commons, doe love/Twitter

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