Boy Is Scared Of Bear When GPS Says 'Bear Right' (Video)

YouTube user Chip Golden uploaded a video on March 24 of his children misunderstanding the family's GPS during a trip in 2009 (video below).

Golden wrote on his page that the family was headed to a zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado, when the GPS said, “Bear right."

In the video, a small boy, sitting on the right, believes the GPS is referring to a real bear on his side of the car.

The boy says there is a "bear problem," and his sister adds, "It said bear right."

The mom tries to explain to the boy that there is no bear, but he breaks down in tears until she says the bear is in a cage at the zoo.

Just when it appears things will be OK, the smiling sister says there is another bear who "went in the woods" and is on her brother's side of the car.

Once again, the boy starts crying.

Both parents "offer" to roll down their windows, which makes him cry even more.

The boy calms himself down by believing the bear is nice, but his sister stirs the pot again by saying it's a mean bear.

The family finally convinces the boy it is safe to get out of the car.

In a different kind of meltdown, comedienne Margaret Cho fought with her audience on March 26 between performances at the Stress Factory, a comedy club in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

In a video posted by TMZ, Cho told the crowd, "I don't understand exactly what brought you here, but no, you will never get a cent back of the money you paid."

The show quickly dissolves with the audience yelling at Cho and walking out.

The gossip site said that Cho talked about being raped, the death of comedian Garry Shandling and how white people have it easy in life.

Cho later tweeted that she was not high, but rather, "'twas jet lag!" She also said that "survivors of abuse should speak their truth & I do!"

“Whatever happened, it happened between shows,” an unidentified source told Page Six.

“Every show before that was great — she got a standing ovation for every performance and was hilarious and sharp. But for the Saturday late show, she was really incoherent, slurring into the mic and needed help just to walk onto the stage. She had to lean against the back wall to keep from falling over.”

Sources: Chip Golden/YouTube, Page Six, TMZ / Photo credit: Chip Golden/YouTube

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