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Kids Receive Gift From State Trooper After Helping With Broken Down Car (Photos)

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A Pennsylvania state trooper went above and beyond by sending two kids a pair of badges after he helped their family out when their car broke down.

“Our car broke down on the side of the road and this officer stopped to check on us,” the kids’ mother wrote alongside the photo. “He waited with us for the tow truck to arrive, gave my kids little badge tattoos, and then sent this in the mail.”

In a letter sent by the trooper, he explained that he noticed the woman’s son wanting to put his tattoo on his arm. “I figured I would send a couple of our patches for him and Madison,” the trooper wrote. “Hopefully they can wear the rest of the uniform when they get old enough.”

Response to the trooper’s gift was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising him for setting an example for the children.

“Now that is how to be a good cop,” one viewer commented. 

“Not all cops are bad. Not all cops are good. Not all humans fit stereotypes,” another added.

Check out the trooper’s letter below.

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Sources: Reddit, Imgur / Photo credit: Flickr, Imgur


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