Kia's New 'Participation Trophy' Commercial Receives Positive Feedback From Viewers (Video)

Kia has gotten tons of praise for its newest commercial, which aired during Sunday Night Football last week.

In the ad, a father and son walk side by side following the young boy’s football game. After it’s explained that the boy’s team had “won every game,” the father spots the boy’s trophy.

“Participant,” the trophy reads.

The father then ponders why his son received a “participant” trophy even though he had won every game.

“Why do we get the same trophy as all those teams we beat?” the father asks. “Are we going to start ending games with hugs instead of handshakes?”

The father then peels off the “Participation” label to reveal a “Champs” label.

The father calls his son a champ and returns the trophy.

The commercial has been met with primarily positive feedback. One commenter noted that Kia can get away with such an ad because it’s a South Korean company, not an American one.

Sources: The Blaze, Fox News

Photo Credit: The Blaze 


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